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For Patients

If you are a patient looking for more information on a specific dental procedure or oral health topic, dental insurance, or looking for a new dentist, sometimes it’s hard to decide who to trust. We have reviewed these information sites for you!

Here are some direct links provided for you, the patient:

Dental Health Topics

Dental Insurance Info

How to Select a Dentist

Dentistry 2000 Dentists

Additional healthcare topics of interest are links to CPR, WebMD, CDC, and other reputable sites for more information. 

For Professionals

We are pleased to offer valuable resources for Dental Professionals in this section. Whether you are looking for continuing education courses, dental associations, technical information or practice management ideas, this section will be very valuable to you. 

Here are some direct links inside this site:

Dental Organizations and Associations

Dental Journals

Dental Continuing Education

Practice Management

If you are a dental professional and this is your first time here, please bookmark this page and come back as we are constantly updating it.

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For the past twenty years, DENTISTRY 2000 has provided high-quality resources for both Dental Professionals and for Patients. We are continually updating and adding resources and information. If you would like to see additional information added onto this site, or you would like to list your resource please CONTACT US.